Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What fees are involved?

For every client referred to you Yes Crew keeps a fair portion of the revenue. Since Yes Crew works with many different industries, a fair portion can differ significantly depending on the industry. That is why we have our Elite members assist us with developing a fair portion of the revenue. These Elite members work directly in the industry you are in and know how your industry works. Developing a fair portion of the revenue keeps Yes Crew’s incentive to generate leads for your industry while ensuring you are getting fairly compensated. We value working with talented service providers and want to cultivate those relationships.

What industries does Yes Crew offer Risk FREE Marketing® for?

We cover over 100 industries and we are open to doing Risk FREE Marketing® for many more. Some industries we currently offer Risk FREE Marketing® in are real estate, massage therapy, window cleaning, computer programming and more. Our Risk FREE Marketing® department focuses on selling online, so if you can sell it online there is probably a good chance Risk FREE Marketing® is a good fit.

How does a member get paid by referring a client?

Members get paid when referring a client to members of Yes Crew. Yes Crew acts as the intermediary by matching the member with the person with the right qualifications for the job. A referral fee is negotiated between the two members and Yes Crew keeps half.

How Do Client Payments Take Place?

Payments are preferred to take place directly through Yes Crew. Depending on the industry there will be exceptions made and client payments will be allowed to take place directly through the service provider.

What are the commitment expectations for Elite members?

Elite members will get a dedicated website built to generate leads exclusively for their benefit after three referrals are made to

Elite members are expected to supply content for their website. The more content the better.

Elite members are expected to maintain ethical standards and adhere to our terms and conditions or privileges to your dedicated website will be taken away.