How to Get Referrals

How to Get Referrals

We all want more referrals. They are a great source of business. They are typically high quality customers that are willing to pay top dollar with little sales effort because they already trust the source that has referred you the business. According to Neilsen people are 4 times more likely to buy from you when referred by a friend.  So referrals come typically come in two forms. One great source of referrals can come from your existing customers. Another great source of referrals can come from your business network. Let’s take a look at how you can grow sales and get customers through referrals.

Let’s start with how you can get referrals from your existing customers. This is a great place to start because these customers are already satisfied with your product or service. Use polls and surveys to find your most passionate clients. These clients are valuable and should be held on to. Offer these clients a discount or incentive to refer you business. Advertising is expensive and the cost of acquiring a new customer can be enormous. Many times businesses will spend more on advertising then they make from their first interaction with the client looking to bank on repeat business. Offering a discount, an upgrade or another incentive can be cheap advertising that will pay off big.

There are many ways to incentivize your customers to send you referrals. A discount to an existing product or service they are already purchasing goes a long way. Another possibility would be to offer a discount on a product or service they have not tired yet. That way you can get the referral and get your existing clients to purchase new and exciting products and services. Introducing your clients to your other services increases sales. So offering your customers a free or discounted upgrade to refer you clients benefits you in several ways. You can also pay your customers straight cash for referrals. PayPal’s referral program exploded when PayPal paid their customers referral fees directly. Don’t forget that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be enormous when the cost of the referral fee does not have to be.

Another great source of referrals can come from your business network. Depending on the industry you are in there are all sorts of relationships that you can cultivate to become a strong source of referrals. We have put together a free resource you can use to find the best industries to network with depending on the category you work in. Click here to get the free referral relationship tool and find referral relationships. This tool will serve as a good guide toward finding synergistic relationships you can source referrals from. For example, if you are a personal trainer you may want to network with nutritionists and sports massage therapists.

So how do you find professionals that can start sending you referrals. They are many ways to meet and find professionals. You can check with the associations. is a great website where like minded people come together. Social media has also become a popular choice to meet professionals. LinkedIn is a great source for professionals looking to network with each other. You can also create postings on job boards and looking for professionals through friends and family. All of this can take a lot of time.

Yes Crew makes it easy to build referrals relationships. We offer you our network for free. You can access our referral network in two ways. The easiest way to access our network is directly through Yes Crew. When you submit your referral directly to Yes Crew, we match you with a pre-qualified service provider that can do the job. You get paid a referral fee for referring over the job. Yes Crew also gives you the option to create a posting on Yes Crew and build your own network.

Yes Crew is free to join and you get free access to all our referrals. Our referrals can come from our members or directly from us. We own a network of lead generation websites which we share our leads with our members free of charge. Yes Crew Elite members get preferred treatment of the leads that we generate. It does not cost anything to become an Elite member; however it must be earned. If you are interested in becoming an Elite member click here. Learn more about how to build a referral network at Yes Crew’s Referral Network.

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