5 Free Ways to Market Your Business

5 Free Ways to Market Your Business

We all want to increase business. Finding new customers can be quite a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. That is why I am giving you five easy ways to find new customers without spending any money on expensive marketing gimmicks. The five methods I recommend to increase your business are to develop a referral networks, do some SEO (search engine optimization), promote yourself on social media, develop a referral program with your customers and networking.

One of the best ways to increase business is to develop a referral network. It is only natural that personal trainers have clients looking for sports massage therapists and that nutritionists have clients looking for personal trainers. By developing the right referral network everyone wins. The service provider has now delivered a one stop shop for his client and is making money on referral fees. The referral partner just got himself a new client through this relationship. Yes Crew provides you with a free referral platform to refer off business or get referrals. We definitely recommend you browse our postings if you are looking for clients or create a posting if you have business to refer off.

Another way to get free marketing online is SEO or search engine optimization. Getting found online will do amazing things for your business. If you are the first search result for a major keyword you can expect a lot of customer traffic. SEO is all about developing the right content on your website and then having people share it with their friends and circles of influence. I recommend starting out by blogging once a week and focusing on creating some great content for some commonly asked questions. Focus on what people may be looking for online and be consistent with creating content. SEO takes a long time to start working (maybe 6 months or longer) but it pays off big.

Social media is another free marketing channel. By approaching influencers you can get in front of a large audience at no cost. Social media is about developing the right relationships with key influencers that have audiences with your target market in mind. Sharing content you have created for your blog is a great way to add value to influencers. By sharing information that people are looking for you can establish yourself and a person of authority and the go to person on a particular subject.

Another great marketing tool that you can implement at no cost is to set up a referral program with your existing customers. You can offer discounts for clients that refer over their friends and family. Getting people to talk about you is a good thing so the more reason you give your clients to talk about you the better. Make the incentive to refer you business tempting without giving too much. Be creative and generous with your client referral program.

Lastly networking can pay off big. By attending social events, industry events and networking parties you can promote your business to a particular group of people. There are many events out there so do the research to attend the events with your target market in mind. Meetup.com is a great place to start but also check with your associations, the local chambers of commerce, local charities and referral networks. You never know where networking can take you.

In today’s day and age we are blessed to have many ways of marketing ourselves free. Let’s take advantage of the opportunities put in front of us to really capture these opportunities and not let them go to waste. Yes Crew wants to give you the ability to say Yes! to all opportunities presented to you. Our referral network allows you to give your clients a one stop shop so you can make money every time you refer a client to our network of qualified service providers. If you have not done so yet, now is the time to join Yes Crew. It’s FREE!

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