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If smaller tasks pile up, find extra manpower to help keep fixed-price projects organized and moving forward.

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Dave Jim

Project Manger

About yescrew

yescrew is the trusted platform to assemble your remote development teams! We are a fully remote company with 500+ engineers and developers working tirelessly to help you upscale your business. 

Delivering IT Solutions Since 1993

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Dave Jim

Project Manger

Why Work With Us

We are known for our quality and work ethics among our clients. The three core values that guide our teams are dedication, motivation, and long-term client relationships.

29+ Years of Experience

Our software developers specialize in software development, mobile and web, cloud computing, SQA, software maintenance, data science, IoT, UI/UX design, MVP, AI & ML, cybersecurity, ERP & CRM, design thinking, and business intelligence.

Agile Practitioner

Instead of relying on a "big bang" launch, our software engineers work with scrum masters to deliver work in small but consumable increments. As a result, we help you deliver value faster and more efficiently.

10x Better Communication

Extensive communication occurs regularly, so expectations are captured, and a control plan is developed and deployed. Jira, Taiga, Trello, Yodiz, Monday, Zoho Sprints, Click Up, and Asana are tools we use to communicate dynamically and track performance.

100+ Skills Available

Among the technologies we cater to are MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, MEVN Stack, LAMP Stack, Serverless Stack, Flutter, React, Node, Python, Angular, Swift, React Native, Android, Java, Rails, Golang, DevOps, ML, Data Engineers, and more.

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