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Hello, My name is Shegun Pointer and I am a USC graduate with a BA in communications. I’m transitioning from a career in ESL and have spent most of the last 15 years teaching throughout Southeast Asia in Japan, Korea and China. I am now looking for an entry-level position in media, and am also […]

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Looking for Senior Citizens from ages 62 years of age and up wanting to convert from a free & clear, Conventional, Jumbo, VA, or FHA mortgage wanting to convert into a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage with no principle and interest payments, also Senior Citizens wanting to pull money out of the equity of their property […]

Looking for Senior Citizens, 62 years of age and up, looking to get into Reverse Mortgages also Senior Citizens looking to pull money out of the equity of their Reverse Mortgage rather it’s an FHA Reverse Mortgage or a Private Money Jumbo Reverse Mortgage.

Looking for leads in California for Senior Citizens looking for Reverse Mortgages & Senior Citizens already in Reverse Mortgages looking for to pull out money from the equity of their Revers Mortgage rather it’s One Lump Sum or in a Line Of Credit. This is Government Reverse Mortgages as well as Private Money Jumbo Reverse […]

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